Curriculum Calendar

Heritage Park Tot Lot 2017-2018 Curriculum Calendar
Themes Letters Poems For the Month
Shape: Circle Sept. 5-8 School Time Writing Strokes
Colors: Red Sept. 11-15 School Time (cont.) Writing Strokes Hickory Dickory Dock
Numbers: Introduction Sept. 18-22 All About Me Tt
Cutting Practice: Rip Sept. 25-29 Emotions /Manners Ff
Shape: Square Oct. 2-6 Our Five Senses Pp
Colors: Orange Oct. 9-13 Friends / Family Mm Itsy Bitsy Spider
Numbers: 1,2,3 Oct. 16-20 Pumpkins Cc
Cutting Practice: Snip Oct. 23-27 Halloween &The Four Seasons-Fall Aa
Shape: Rectangle Oct 30-Nov 3 Healthy Habits Ss
Color: Yellow Nov.  6-10 Pets Rr Humpty Dumpty
Numbers:4,5 Nov. 13 No School-Veteran’s Day
Cutting Practice: Fringe Nov. 14-17 Fall/Turkey Review
Nov. 20-22 No School-Fall Break
Shape: Triangle Nov. 27-Dec. 1 Opposites Bb Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star
Colors: Green Dec. 4-8 Winter/Snowman Ll
Numbers: 6,7 Dec. 11-15 Gingerbread Man Ii
Cut Practice: Straight lines Dec. 18-21 Holiday Customs Review
Dec. 22-Jan 5 No School-Winter Break
Shape: Review Jan. 8-12 Transportation (safety) Gg
Colors: Blue Jan. 15 No School-Local Holiday Row Row Row Your Boat
Numbers:8,9,10 Jan. 16-19 People In Our Commnity (dramatic play grocery store) Nn
Cut Practice: Zig-zaglines Jan. 22-26 People In Our Community (fire safety) Dd
Jan. 29-Feb. 2 Bears Hh
Shape: Oval Feb. 5-9 Once Upon A Time & Valentine’s Day Jj
Colors: Pink, Gray Feb. 12 No School- Local Holiday \
Numbers: 0, 1, 2, (11, 12) Feb.  15-17 Colors Review Jack and Jill
Cutting Practice: Curved lines Feb. 19 No School-Legal Holiday
Feb.  21-23 Culture Around Us Kk
Feb. 27-Mar. 3 Ocean Animals Ww \
Shape: Diamond and Rhombus Mar. 5-9 100th Day celebration Oo
Colors: Black, White Mar. 12-16 Plant a Seed Uu
Numbers: 3, 4, 5, (13, 14, 15) Mar. 19-23 Spring/Bugs Ee Little Miss Muffet
Cutting Practice: Circles, Hearts Mar. 26-29 Birds Vv
Mar. 30 No School-holiday
Shape: Octagon Apr.  2-6 Spring Break- No School Yy
Colors: Brown Apr. 9-13 Carnival Review Hey Diddle Diddle
Numbers: 6, 7, 8, (16, 17, 18) Apr. 16-20 The Zoo-Mammals
Cutting Practice: Right angles, Squares Apr. 23-27 On the Farm/ Fruits and Vegetables Zz
Shape: Review Apr 30-May 4 Reptiles / Amphibians Xx
Colors: Purple May 7-11 Sports Qq Mary Mary Quite Contrary
Numbers: 9, 10, (19, 20) May 14-18 Planets/Outer Space Review
Cutting Practice: Right angles, Rectangles May 21-25 Dinosaur Review
May 28 No School-Memorial Day
Shapes: All May 29-June 1 Summer/Beaches Review
Colors: All June 4-6 Graduation Fun
Numbers: All June 7, 2017 Graduation Rehearsal
June 8, 2017 Graduation Day

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