Dear Members,

Below are the instructions on how to use the “onedrive” website to upload pictures that you have taken throughout the school year for yearbook purposes.

Please remember:

  1. DO NOT share this hotmail ID and password with anyone else who is NOT REGISTERED with tot lot. This setup is purely for the convenience of year book committee to complete the year book project.
  2. Make sure you create a folder with your name on it (or your child’s first name) so that we know who is it from, and it will help better organize the yearbook page in the future.

If you encounter any technical issue, please contact Suri. Thank you!!


Uploading Pictures to website

  1. After logging into onedrive select the appropriate folder you will download pictures into. (Folders are already created with event names)
  2. Within the event folder, create a folder with your name by clicking “Create” near the top of the website. A drop down menu will pop up. Select “Folder”. Type in your name.      
  3. Double click on the folder with your name.
  4. Click on “Upload”.
  5. Select pictures to be uploaded and click “Open”.
  6. **Important** Download status box will pop open near the bottom of the screen. Unclick the box that says “Resize Photos to 2048 px”. (This will allow pictures to upload in their original resolution)

 Downloading Pictures from onedrive

  1. Click on folder you would like to download from.
  2. Downloading Single picture:
    1. Click on picture you want to download
    2. Click “Download
    3. Picture will automatically download onto your computer.
  1. Downloading entire Folder:
    1. Click “Folder Action
    2. Drop down menu will appear. Click “Download Folder”.
    3. Entire folder will automatically download onto your computer.
    4. Folder is downloaded as a zipped file. To unzip:
      1. Find zipped file on computer. (Folder name will end in .zip)
      2. Hover pointer over folder and right click
      3. Click “Extract All” from drop down menu
      4. New window will open. Click “Browse” to select where you would like to store your pics
    1. Click “Extract”. Pics will be unzipped and placed in folder you designate

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